Want a new cheat ?

You want a new cheat tutorial ?

I thought it is once again time for a new cheat tutorial.
This cheat or the tool is for Android device and works
in almost all games of king.com as:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Pet Rescue Saga
  • Papa Pear Saga

With this tool you will always have 5 live and can play all the day long.

Is there interest in a tutorial and the download link?

Leave me a comment.


Candy Crush Saga Cheat Engine Tutorial

Candy Crush Saga Cheat Engine Tutorial

Today i want to show a how to cheat (hack) in Candy Crush Saga.

Tested: September 2013

Since candy crush saga can be played on mobile devices and computers, it is an ideal game for relaxation and also a way to have fun with friends. It is advisable to keep in touch with friends who are also playing the game as they can provide candy crush saga cheats that will help make the game more enjoyable. Furthermore, they also offer information on various candy crush saga cheats that are related to the increasing of lives when playing the game. In conclusion, there is need for players to make sure they are not found to be using candy crush saga cheats as they can be banned from playing which would be quite disappointing for newcomers as well as those who have been playing for a while.

You need Cheat Engine Candy Crush Saga get it here.

Download Candy Crush Saga Cheat Engine here:

Candy Crush Saga Cheat Engine Download

Get correct chrome process in Cheat Engine

Get correct chrome process in Cheat Engine

Today I want to show how to select the correct Google Chrome
process in Cheat-Engine 6.2.

It's hard to find the right process in Chrome browser
but with this little trick you will get everytime the correct process.

Befor you beginn, make sure that you have open a flash game 
in Google Chrome.

Let's choose the correct process in Google Chrome wiht Cheat Engine:

1.) Open Google Chrome Task Manager (Shift + ESC)

2.) In Google Chrome Task Manager do right click in Tabs Section and check ProcessID

3.) Now look around for a plugin called  "Shockwave Flash".
Remeber the Process-ID of this plugin. 

4.) Open your Windows Calculator click on "View" -> "Programmer"

Now your calculator should look like this one:


Now type in your Process-ID number of Shockwave Flash plugin.
After that click in the left corner the radio button "Hex" 
and you will get the Hex code from your Chrome process.

Open Cheat Engine and go into the open process window. 
Search for the correct Chrome Process

If your Hex code in Windows-Calculator was show "H43"
then the correct process will look like "00000H43-chrome.exe"

That's all, good luck to Get the correct chrome process in Cheat Engine.